Get started with TagOn affiliate program

Here’s how you can complete setting up your affiliate account with TagOn and get your affiliate link:

1. Set up your payment info:

  • Login to your affiliate account:
    using the username and password that were sent to you from ThriveCart
    (you can change the password to something that you can easily remember in the profile settings once your logged in).
  • Go to the Product tab and click on one of the TagOn products.


  • Then click on Set up PayPal now and follow the instruction to connect your PayPal account.
    (It is required that you have a Business PayPal account. If you don’t have one yet, just follow the instruction and upgrade your current PayPal account to a free Business account).

2. Get your link and start making money:
Once you’ve connected your PayPal account, you can now get your affiliate links.

  • Click on ANY of the TagOn products that you are approved for promoting. (Just click on a random one, it is not important what you select at this point because they are all the same)
  • Now you will see different versions of your affiliate link. Just select one of the links depending on where you want to send your visitors to.For example, at the moment you can send your visitors to either TagOn’s homepage, pricing page or usecase page.

Now you can start sending traffic to your affiliate link and start earning recurring commissions with TagOn.

3. (Optional) Get your promotional materials:

We have created some promotional materials including some banners and graphics that you can put on your website or share on social media.

Feel free to download them from here:

We will be adding more and more promotional materials.

If you want us to create a specific piece of promotional material for you such as an image or a GIF, just let us know: [email protected]

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