How to get a free SSL certificate for your custom domain

If you need your links to be https, you can either set up your own SSL certificate by following the below instruction or set up your domain via Cloudflare

How to create Free SSL for your custom domain

  1. Go to
    Note: You can use any other SSL providers. The process will be similar.
  2. Enter * and, Ex: * and
    Then Create Free SSL Certificate
  3. Click Manually Verify Domain (DNS)
  4. Copy the TXT records and values below in your DNS settings
    Select Type: TXT – Text record then paste your text record in Host/Name and Value.

  5. Next, verify TXT records by clicking the link below

    Txt Records Found
  6. Now click Download SSL Certificate
    And then you can copy and paste the generated codes or you can download all the SSL certificate files.


Then inside your custom domain setting on TagOn:
– Copy all the content of Certificate to TagOn’s certificate.crt file content
– Copy all the content of Private Key to TagOn’s private.key file content
– Copy all the content of CA Bundle to TagOn’s ca_bundle.crt file content

And you’re good to go!

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