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/ month

20,000 clicks per month 

10 Custom Scripts/Pixels/CTAs

Unlimited links

1 Custom Domain




/ month

50,000 clicks per month 

30 Custom Scripts/Pixels/CTAs

Unlimited links

Custom Domains



/ month

Unlimited clicks per month 

Unlimited Custom scripts/Pixels/CTAs

Unlimited links

Unlimited Custom Domains

10 Clients

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500 Clicks, 3 Custom Scripts/Pixels/CTAs
0 Custom Domain & Unlimited Links

Frequently Asked Questions

How are clicks counted?
Whenever someone clicks on your TagOn links, a click is counted.
For example, if the same person clicks a link twice, 2 clicks will be counted.

What happens after the limit of monthly clicks is reached?
Once you’ve reached your monthly clicks limit, your TagOn links will still work but they will only redirect to the destination page.
Your pixels, call-to-action and scripts will not be triggered.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my account any time?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account anytime and there are no long-term contracts.

What if I need an even higher number of View per month?
Please email us: [email protected] or hit us on the live chat. And, we will create a custom package that fits your needs.

What is Tagon's refund policy?
We have a 30-day money back guarantee for the first payments of any plans that you purchase​.

We understand that people sometimes forget to cancel payment subscriptions.
Therefore, recurring payments after the first payment or after a time-based trial period will have a 72 hour grace period window during which you can request a refund.

Absolutely no refunds are issued 72 hours after your billing cycle period