Use Cases

Use TagOn to boost your marketing results

Engage with your audience

Use livechat on your website? Why not add it to the links you share to engage with them after they click on your link

Demo: Use Convertfox livechat on the links you share. Also works with Intercom, Drift or ANY other chat platforms.

Auto-generate leads with chatbot

Use chatbot on any links you share to generate leads automatically. It can be a Facebook Messenger Bot or any other chatbots that you use. 

Advertise on other websites for FREE

Add relevant call-to-actions and ads to ANY web page you want to share.

Demo: Add custom call-to-action linking to your website 

Generate leads and grow your email list

Use a optin popup on the link you share to grow your email list. TagOn can be used with any optin popup software that  provides an embeddable script

Demo: Place your exit-intent popup optin form on any links you share

Retarget people who visit your links

Add your retargeting pixels to build highly targeted custom audiences. Increase your ads campaign CTR, decrease your CPC on ad platforms such as Facebook and Adwords.
We support all ad and tracking platforms out there.

Demo: Retarget your visitors with Push notifications

Engage with videos

Display your video on top of the links you share.

Generate leads with quizzes

Display your quizzes on top of any link your share to engage your visitors and turn them into leads.

More results without creating more content

Leverage content already available on other websites to promote your products and services by adding retargeting pixels and call-to-actions.

Leverage existing content on the web to grow your business

Get more traffic, build your list and make more sales with Tagon